Endangered cover

"Endangered is a gripping tale, an adrenaline-driven adventure, chocked full of suspense. It will hold you hostage until the very end." Rick Mofina, International Bestselling author of FULL TILT.

Wisecracking high school dropout Hayley Makk works the crime beat for her dad’s tabloid newspaper, the Halifax Independent. When cops discover a blood-spattered shack where a teenage victim was murdered, Hayley teams up with rookie RCMP Constable Alex Turpin to chase the scoop through a tangled web of clues that leads to a wildlife smuggling ring and ends in a sting operation unmasking an unexpected villain.

 Download the first chapter: Endangered_Chapter_One

Edge of Flight

Edge of Flight

"A well-written, fast paced adventure … Jaimet creates a sense of tension that she continues to ratchet up throughout the novel. Highly recommended." — CM Magazine

"Keeps readers glued until the final daring rescue!" — Canadian Children's Book News

Edge of Flight is the toughest rock-climbing route Vanisha has ever faced. She has one last chance to pull it before she moves to Vermont to start university.

On her final weekend of climbing in Arkansas’ Ozark mountains, she and her buddies Rusty and Jeb stumble on an illegal marijuana plantation and the gang of bikers who guard it. When Jeb is injured, Vanisha must climb Edge of Flight to seek help.

But can she evade the bikers and find her way through the woods to save her friends?

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books 2013.

Break Point

Edge of Flight

"Adrenaline-soaked descriptions … insightful characters and a fast-paced plot line." — CM Magazine

"A fast and exhilarating read!" — CM Magazine

Connor Trent’s summer job allows him to train at a top-notch tennis club, but throws him into conflict with his rich-kid rival, Rex Hunter.

When vandals sabotage a fundraising event, Connor and his friend Maddy suspect that someone wants to bankrupt the club and take over its valuable riverfront property. A fabled trophy, rumoured to contain hidden wealth, might solve Connor’s problems — if he can beat Rex to win it.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books 2014.

Slam Dunk

Edge of Flight

"Deftly mixes sports and mystery!" — Jr. Library Guild, 2010 Selection

Coaching the Brookfield High School girls’ basketball team sounds like an easy gig to 16-year-old Salvador “Slam” Amaro. Show up, run a few drills, and gain some “community participation” points as he tries out for the Ontario provincial U17 men’s team.

But when Brookfield’s coach and star point guard go missing, Slam has to step in and coach the girls to the finals, while trying to solve the mystery of their disappearance, and battling some tough competition for a spot on the Ontario squad.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books 2010.