Endangered Book & Film Launch


On Wednesday, January 20, join me and filmmaker Melanie Willis for the premiere showing of our documentary film on the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, an inspiring organization of conservationists working day and night (literally!) to save hawksbill sea turtles.

Melanie and I were fortunate enough to travel to Barbados last August, where we accompanied volunteers of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project on their nightly beach patrols, monitoring the nesting activities of female turtles and rescuing the tiny hatchlings from wandering into dangerous roadways and seaside resorts. Ancient creatures who have existed since the time of the dinosaurs, hawksbill sea turtles now struggle to survive in the modern world of beachfront development, overfishing, and ocean pollution. But with the help of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, the number of nesting females is increasing, offering hope for the future of the species.

Along with the film, we’ll also celebrate the official launch of my Young Adult mystery novel, Endangered! Praised by Kirkus Reviews for its “energetic sleuth, fast-paced plot, and convincing, atmospheric Nova Scotia setting” Endangered follows the adventures of teen reporter Hayley Makk as she chases the story of a mysterious murder, a botched drug deal, and a blackmarket smuggling ring that traffics in endangered species.