I  began my journalism career in 1997 at the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, where I chased hard-news stories, covering everything from murder cases to city politics. I developed an interest in environmental issues, and travelled to Newfoundland for a major feature on ship captains who dump oil and the wildlife officers who prosecute them. After a year the Telegraph-Journal, I was offered a reporting job at the Ottawa Citizen. Working for a major daily offered new opportunities. When Montrealer Vaira Vike-Freiberga was elected president of Latvia, I travelled to that north-European country to write a feature on her life story. Speaking German fluently, I was assigned to cover the historic war-crimes trial of Julius Viel in Munich.

I also spent five years covering the Environment beat in the Citizen’s Parliament Hill bureau. My ability to speak French constantly came in handy for interviewing Quebec politicians and understanding the shouted questions of my francophone colleagues in the daily parliamentary scrums. Besides covering two federal elections, I wrote many stories on the global climate change,national parks, and protection of endangered species.

As the technogy in newsrooms changed,I became adept at new Internet-based forms of journalism, writing webhits and live Twitter-feeds from breaking news events.

Now a freelance journalist, I’ve written for magazines as diverse as National Geographic Kids, Canada’s History, Canadian Geographic, RVWest and Ottawa Magazine. As long as there are stories to chase, I’ll always be a reporter.

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