Mr. Binkle’s Bagpipes


What do you get when you mix ballad-writing, bagpipes, and a bunch of kids from Alberta? My CCBC / TD Canada book week tour!

The tour kicked off on Monday with a visit to Calmar Elementary school, where the kids in the ballad-writing workshop came up with the following fantastic lyric:

“Mr. Lewis! Oh, Mr. Lewis! / He likes to eat pirogies stuffed with moose!”

Then at the New Humble School, a performance of the bagpipe scene from Dunces Rock by some enthusiastic student volunteers had the audience in stitches.

At Thorsby Public School, the kids wrote a ballad in praise of “Snorin’ Mr. Warren,” while at Warburg school I talked journalism and mystery writing with a group of highschoolers.

On Tuesday at St. Mary’s school, we wrote ballads in honour of new teacher Miss Steeb (who is never a dweeb!) and Drama teacher Mrs. Hill — who saved her friend Bill from a poisonous pill with a concoction of dill.

And the kids gave us this incredible rendition of a scene from Dunces Anonymous.

Can’t wait to continue my tour!