Now playing in the Philippines…

Last fall, I took a comedy sketch writing course taught by Ottawa actor and playwright Pierre Brault. Riffing on Stephen Harper’s ridiculous election promise, I wrote a sketch about an office where upstanding Canadians could go to report their neighbours’ “Barbaric Cultural Practices.”
After the course was over, I re-worked the sketch into a 10-minute play entitled “The Office of Threats to Western Civilization.”
I submitted the play to the “Short and Sweet” website, which accepts short  play submissions, and then passes on those submissions to affiliated short play festivals around the world.
Today, I received an email from the director of Short and Sweet Manila, telling me that my play will be produced this fall as a main stage event in their festival!!
What a thrill. Thanks to Pierre Brault and the Acting Company for giving me the opportunity and guidance to write my very first short play!