Ten things I loved about my Bookweek tour in Alberta


1. The Dunce hat made for me by the kids in Mr. Lindsay’s class at Ecole Mallaig School.

2. The Ballad of Ms. Norrie who “danced her way to glory” at the Bonnyville Public Library.

3. The Principal’s Office Scene by the Drama students at Camrose Composite Highschool.

4. Eating Alberta steak at the Lakeland Grill in Bonnyville.

5. Brad and Aiden’s performance of The Ballad of Ms. Casagrande at Hinton Public Library.

6. The Ballad of  Mr. Lewis, who “eats his pirogies stuffed with moose” at Calmar Elementary School.

7. The crazy hair kids at Crescent Valley School.

8. Riding the Book Bike at Camrose Public Library.

9. The Cheerleader scene at Camrose Composite Highschool.

10. The performance of Mr. Binkle’s Bagpipes at St. Mary’s School in Lloydminster.