Workplace Wellness Coming to Nova Scotia!


You never know where a little writing exercise will take you!

Last year, I took a sketch writing course with Pierre Brault at The Acting Company here in Ottawa. For one of the assignments, I wrote a short comedy sketch about a drug bust that goes sideways when the police force hires a Jungian psychotherapist as a Workplace Wellness Consultant.

I liked the sketch so much that I worked it up to a 10-minute play, and submitted it to the short play festival at King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal, NS. The play was chosen for the festival, and I’ll be travelling to Nova Scotia with my mom and two daughters to see it on June 18! Meanwhile, Workplace Wellness has also made the shortlist for the Short&Sweet festivals in Kolkata, India and Queensland, Australia.

For an author who’s used to the solitary pursuit of novel-writing, it’s a thrill to see my words brought to life by a crew of talented theatre people — actors, director and stage crew. Break a leg, guys! I can’t wait to see the show!